A Tribute & Biography of Long Island's most Notorious Band of the 90's
1993 - 2014

Jaded Reign

Jaded Reign is a commercial progressive metal band, formed in 1993 by Peter C. Brett, John Sabo, Gene Rudolph, Scott Guise, and Brian Cooney on Long Island, NY.

Jaded Reign hailed from Long Island, NY and spent year after year supporting named acts and headlining their own tours in support of two world wide CD releases 1993’s “Harmful if Swallowed” (EP) and 1994’s “Tangled in the Shadows”. Their second release landed the band on the UKs independent charts at #13, and a single landing on Poland's top 100.


The first album, Harmful if Swallowed, was released in 1992 originally on AMF Records. The band shot their first video in support of the single "Fool in the Reign" in Winter Park, FL. While still signed to AMF Records Jaded Reign signed with D-Jam Entertainment and began working with producer Mike Epstein for their follow up to album Tangled in the Shadows.

Tangled in the Shadows, which featured a more commercial sound, was released in 1995. However, during the growth of the bands popularity and challenges brought on by their record company and management the band began to untangle from within. The original drummer Scott Guise was replaced with a new drummer Matt Rebar. Matt brought a more progressive style to the band and allowed Jaded Reign to grow into a more polished sound. The chemistry that made the band special started to dissipate after Brian Cooney, the bands original bass player, quit the band and was replaced by Rich Touseull. Touseull joined the band during of the bands second album "Tangled in the Shadows".

Then band continued work on Tangled in the Shadows with the new line up, however, personalities began to clash. D-Jam Entertainment moved the band from AMF Records to Authority Records and Tangled in the Shadows was released in 1995. The album was an instant success in Europe. Throughout 1995 and 1996 Jaded Reign continued with small tours to support the album in the US but due to internal friction the band dismembered in June of 1996.


Harmful if Swallowed (1993)

Tangled in the Shadows (1995)


Fool in the Reign (Music video) (1991)

Other releases

Killing Season "Reign in the new Season (2002)


Peter C. Brett (Contreras) guitar, backing vocals (1994 - Present) - Lead Vocals (Present)

John Sabo (Sabolenko) guitar, backing vocals (1994-Present)

Matt Rebar drums (1994-Present)

Brian Cooney bass (1995)

Gene Rudolf lead vocals(1993-1996)

Scott Guise drums (1993)

Rich Touseull bass (1995-1996)